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Driven to the Hilt:  The Deepest Cut

What Readers are Saying About DRIVEN TO THE HILT:


     "Driven to the Hilt: The Deepest Cut by D.G. Lamb is one of the most original and well-told stories I’ve ever read. First-time author D.G. Lamb has established himself as a new talent in young adult novels with this first effort...   Author D.G. Lamb has a smooth yet intelligent style of writing. ..He makes everything sound believable and interesting. He also did a great job of making his main character feel real... The unpredictable story arc was probably my favorite aspect. I’m not exaggerating when I say the story plot took 5 or 6 turns into directions that I had not predicted. " Scott Cahan, who ranked this book 2nd in his top 10 reads of the year list -

     "The action is intense and the psychological aspect of the story comes out brilliantly." - RO, Reader's Favorite

"..."Driven to the Hilt [is] a memorable novel, but what makes it truly unique is Lamb's use of font changes for different characters and large spaces for dramatic pauses. This 'Dynamic Formatting' is very effective in many instances, yet it's subtle enough that a reader who dislikes it shouldn't be overly distracted." - CLF, Reader's Favorite

     "This fast paced story pulled me through realistic ups and downs as I rooted on the edge of my seat for the main character. Joshua is genuine and clever and his firm resolution to survive and stay positive is an inspiration for any age. The psychological perspective throughout makes this novel different than any I've ever read. Plus, the setting is incredibly thought out and a new world that is an adventure to explore as you read. Do yourself a favor and read this book! "- CEL

"Driven to the Hilt is a great read! ... DG Lamb makes this new world, its inhabitants and its wilderness come alive with his vivid use of all the senses and an uncommonly apt turn of phrase. Not just a great yarn in its own right, this is clearly the first novel in a series and there are hints of mystery, secret societies and adventures to come. While I don’t often read science fiction, this novel has whet my appetite for more – DG Lamb owes it to his readers to publish the next in the series - five stars!!! - G Thomas

     "One of the most interesting Sci-Fi dystopian novels I have read in a long time! Follow Joshua through this new and exciting world where he struggles through the hardest questions we all face whilst growing up: Who are we and who do we want to be? Lamb has a fresh and aesthetically pleasing prose that leaves the reader on tender hooks waiting and pleading for more.   I personally can't wait for what Lamb has next!"     B Morrow 

     "Driven to the Hilt is a really engaging story about a young precocious boy with a tragic backstory. I definitely wanted to keep reading and am looking forward to book 2. I will also recommend to my 14 year old son. "     Dr. Jeanette

     "I really enjoyed D G Lamb's debut novel,...  The sci-fi elements reminded me somewhat of Blade Runner, Alien and The Hunger Games, and I could see the story easily being made into a terrific movie. Hats off to Lamb for this rousing first entry into to what will hopefully be a long series of exciting adventures." D Susman

     "I really enjoyed this book! And it is not what I would normally choose to read. After a couple of chapters it really takes off and doesn't stop. Joshua is such an endearing character and I found myself really engaged in his struggles and pulling for him. Loved the Swamp section especially ...Can't wait to see what happens next!     Jackson

      "'s a really fun read. And a pleasant one, in that there is plenty of excitement without the excessive gore, cursing, and deeply dark “shock” material that so many novelists lace their books with these days..."   CJL

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